Websites for Creatives: Writers, Artists and Musicians

Let your good work shine! Bring your art and writing to the world. 

You Want to Show Off Your Art

You understand color. Find clients who need your skills,

Creatives Need Websites

You are a creative. You write. You draw. You paint. You blow a horn or sing like an angel. You need a site. Maybe a simple site like this one, or a more elaborately designed one with incredible features.

Your competitors have a site. They are easy to find and their work is capably displayed. You can too! We can help. Check out our options at Trendl Communications Creative Websites. Secure with top-notch customer service as we work with one of the best internet domain registrar and web hosting companies in the world.

Your eye for detail is valuable. You see things others miss. Share your gift.

The Challenge

What kind of site do you need? First, you need a domain, and then, you need a place to host that site. Easy. I've got you covered.


  • Check out your competition. Liberate ideas (not their content). 
  • Know your customer. Meet their concerns and needs.
  •  Outline your site. If you are new to this, keep it simple. Don't overbuy or over design.

What else? You need content. That means words, pictures, audio, and video. Your audience needs to know what you do for who, and get a sense of your experience. And a way to contact you. No problem.

A blank canvas is the beginning of dreams. Help your clients dream and your career will blossom.

What's Next?

It is easy to get a basic website up and running. Take a look.

Pages and Content

  1. You'll want a list of your works with a brief description. Each will link to a page dedicated to that work. Be include a way to purchase that work or hire you.
  2. A bio page. It will be about you and a sense of your artistic inclinations, media you work in, as well as your lovely mug.
  3. A client list. Which clients are notable? Did you design Amazon's logo or write Nike's "Just Do It" slogan? Let us know. Link these to examples of your work. Be careful if you've signed NDAs. Don't breach your contract.
  4. A gallery (important especially for graphic designers and other visual artists).
  5. A blog (optional). If you've something to say about your craft regularly, consider a WordPress blog connected to your site. A managed WordPress site might be the solution you need.
  6. A contact page. Also include basic contact information clearly visible on each page.

Things to Consider

  • Logo - Worth investing in if you want to be taken seriously.
  • Favicon - It looks cooler. Cooler is, well, cool. 
  • A great domain. Notice "Website For Creatives" makes sense.  While some people might think this site would list links to art museums, instructional pages, etc., no one suspects this will be a hot site for new lawyers or accountants. A terrible domain name, in turn, might be something like What? No one suspects that site does anything.

I'm Done Fooling Around!


Sites to Spur Ideas

Books on Amazon

Boldly Go

Starting a site can be scary. Of course it is. If this is your first, expect some bumps just as you did when you began your art. When I began writing, I had all sorts of troubles. I still do; I'm not done learning. If you begin one through this site, tag me on Twitter.

Yes! I Want a website!